When&How can I get my earnings?

*You can always check your total income in the account.
*When your account Current Total Balance exceeds $100.00 USD, you can apply to withdraw money by filling in your Paypal Account.
*As soon as we received your withdraw requirement, Artsadd Customer Service will send an email to your Register Account, the account you used to create a store and sell designed products.(Please always keep your register account and password safety.)
*Please reply the email with information required, as soon as receiving your confirmed information, we will arrange money transfer within a week. After that the withdraw amount will be taken credit from your account.

*You can not withdraw money if current total balance is less than $100.00 USD.

*We can only accept transfer money to you via Paypal Account.

*However, you can make full use of your earning by shopping on Artsadd.
*Suppose that you have earned $30 in your account, but you don’t feel like to wait until balance exceeds $100, then please feel free to spend your earning on purchasing products on Artsadd.
*Credit will be took from total amount once any purchase is completed.
*Please contact with Customer Service at support@artsadd.com to help you refer to the issue.

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