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Who are we?

Arts+ You

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

At ArtsAdd, we don’t think ourselves that smart, but we do know about lot of smart types including this guy, Edgar Degas. We think he was onto something…

Art is social.

And that’s what we’re all about: knowing that smart people out there can design awesome products and we can help you to find them. So since our launch in 2014 we’ve gathered some great designers from across the world to share their work with you.

Think of us as an artistic social network: connecting you with designers, and designers with each other.

So join us: browse, design and collaborate. Art is social. Lets share it together.

How does it work?

Our site has three key areas: our design platform `’designA+” , the “A+ Gallery” which is our online store and your own design space the “A+ Studio”. The design platform allows you to create custom made products to purchase, customise existing designs, or to design new products to sell in the “A+ Gallery”. We spent ages designing it to maximise your creativity whilst keeping it easy to use.

Even artists have bills to pay, so how do I make money? We hate bills- apart from drawing on the envelopes: drawing is fun.  It’s pretty simple, we charge a set cost to you for the complete product and deliver it. You create the design and set the price at whatever you like. We won’t take any commission- your profit is your profit. Period. So anyone buying from the A+ Gallery can rest assured that when you buy some awesome design, the smart person behind it gets what they deserve for their efforts, a good old wad of cash.

Our idea is to connect your ideas. Design is better shared.

Address: BUMPERR LTD,71-75 Shelton Street  Covent Garden  London  C2H 9JQ  UK