smiling poo emoji slime green background inspired by my 8 yr old nephew fidget spinner Fidget Spinner

Designed by artistkristiehubler

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This is my take on the smiling poo emoji with slime green background, that my 8 1/2 year old nephew insisted that I make and design lol. He asked me! lol :D So this my computer / digital illustration. He wanted a yellow fidget spinner, so here we go! This a s kid requested design.

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smiling poo emoji slime green background inspired by my 8 yr old nephew fidget spinner Fidget Spinner

*2.89 Oz. Material: ABS and ball bearing
*Safe and easy to operate, so it is applicable to all people with each age,kids or adult.
*Great Toy for killing boring time,waiting bus,queuing and thinking deep whenever and wherever.
*Great for fidgety hands, ADD & ADHD sufferers helps relieve stress.
*Designer Tip: To ensure the highest quality print, please note that this product's recommended uploaded image size in pixels (W x H):
118 x 118 or higher


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