The Alteration of Material: Some Dresses & Some Skirts

Dear Customers/Artists/Resellers,

After the discussion by Artsadd Team, we decided to change the material of Some Dresses & Some Skirts from 230g/m2 milk silk(94% polyester, 6% spandex) to 220g/m2 interwoven fabric(95% polyster, 5% spandex) for better quality and more comfortable wearing:
CCWD04  Atalanta Sundress (Model D04)
CCWD18  Atalanta Casual Sundress(Model D04)
CCWD05  Alcestis Slip Dress (Model D05)
CCWD25  Alcestis Slip Dress (Model D05)
CCWD07  Medea Vest Dress (Model D06)
CCWD17  Medea Vest Dress (Model D06)
CCWD16  Phaedra Sleeveless Open Fork Long Dress (Model D08)
CCWD12  Helen Sleeveless Dress (Model D10)
CCWD15  Hebe Casual Sundress (Model D11)
CCWD11  Sleeveless Splicing Shift Dress(Model D17)
CCWD13  V-Neck Open Fork Long Dress(Model D18)
CCWD27  Sleeveless Ice Skater Dress (D19)
CCWD49  Thea Sleeveless Skater Dress(Model D19)
CCWD28  Elbow Sleeve Ice Skater Dress (D20)
CCWD45  Tethys Half-Sleeve Skater Dress(Model D20)
CCWD29  Bateau A-Line Skirt (D21)
CCWD30  Round Collar Dress (D22)
CCWD47  Rhea Loose Round Neck Dress(Model D22)
CCWD31  3/4 Sleeve Sundress (D23)
CCWD53  Mini Skating Skirt (Model D36)
CCWD54  Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress (Model D37)
CCWD56  Sleeveless Cutout Waist Knotted Dress (Model D39)

Yours Sincerely,
Artsadd Team
July 12, 2018

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