How can I earn money on ArtsAdd?

There are 2 ways helping you to earn money with Artsadd.

1, Set royalty rate from 1% up to 99%, you will earn profits from each sale.

When you list the customized product for sale, you specify how much royalty you'll earn for each product that you sell by setting the price.

The total product’s price is the base price plus the royalty you set. So the higher the royalty the higher the price of the product. You can choose any royalty rate from 1% up to 100%, but remember that the higher the price, the fewer you're likely to sell.

For example: Watch’s base price is $10.99, if you set your royalty rate 10%, the price will be $12.09. You will earn $1.10 once your designed watch was bought by customer. Then you will see your earning calculated in the account once the transaction is completed.

2, Earn 5% Commission of each payment as Referral Fee.

You can also earn referral fee on the condition that: Customers place orders successfully through the product/shop link you share on social media, of course it’s a link with your own referral ID.

For example: Post your new designed light up shoes in social media such as Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, a customer visit ArtsAdd through your post link, and purchased some other products finally, in this case, you can still earn 5% of the payment even thought he/she didn’t purchase your designed light up shoes eventually.

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