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Become a Reseller (It's free)

What is POD shipping?

POD (Print on Demand, or Produce on Demand) is a retail method in which you don't keep products in stock. Instead, you partner with a wholesale supplier that stocks its own inventory. You transfer customer orders and shipment details to us, or you place orders directly on Artsdd with your customers' information, and we ship our the products directly to the customer.

The benefit of being Artsadd reseller

Drop Shipping Service

1. It's free to become a reseller. No VIP fees at all. We offer you a cheaper price and you don't need to invest buckets of money in inventory, yet you can still offer thousands of items to your customers.

2. All selected items are qualified for free shipping through standard shipment.

3. Artsadd offers a wider selection of products with high quality guarantee. Resellers are free to sell designed products on your own website, Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or some other platform with a cheaper price. 100% satisfication, if not qualified, you can do return.

4. We offer one to one service. A good customer service can lead our team to the prospect future. Our team manage to provide the good customer service by responding email within one business day or any enquiries from you.

How to Become a Reseller?

1. Create a store on Artsadd, and start designing.

2. Please kindly provide information to prove that you are an artist or image owner.

We hope that you have at least 10 artworks and more than 100 designed products in your store.

3. Send us your website or your stores links on other platforms.

4. No less than 20 orders record.

Or, at least 10 sales record PLUS 10 associated customers/users.

Welcome to Join Artsadd. Please do not hesitate to contact with us: